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These listings are for Permanent location schools, I can not keep up with short term traveling schools.

Trapeze Clubs,     Trapeze Schools,      Camps with Trapeze & Circus activities, Circus Aerial, Aerial Dance

AZ Trapeze
Arizona Trapeze School
14407 E.Pecos Rd.

Gilbert, Az 85295

Dylan Phillips
Brian Lazarus



Orts Theatre of Dance
Postal address
PO Box 85211
Tucson  AZ   85754-5211
Chuck Koesters
Telephone 502-624-3799
FAX 502-744-4004
   7432 E Tierra Buena Ln Ste 104
   Scottsdale, AZ 85260
    Aspire Kids Sports Center
   50 S Hearthstone Way
   Chandler, AZ
Owner/Aerial Instructor

Rachel Stegman
classes in single trapeze, corde lisse (rope) and tissu (fabric). 
Flying Trapeze is still being worked on.

Aspire Gymnastics
50 S. Hearthstone Way,
Chandler, AZ

Dates and Times:
June 2007 and permanently Days,
Times, and Locations TBD
Rachel Stegman

Jeffrey Ferns

Class description: In these two-hour classes students will become familiar with moves on various apparatus.  Students will learn to check their own rigging prior to engaging in activity. Students will be led in warm-up/stretching exercises followed by learning some basic static trapeze and rope/corde lisse/tissue moves. Students will also learn the importance of proper body alignment and critical techniques to safely executing tricks. In the final assessment and critique, students will be provided guidance and direction into furthering these skills.
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CA Clubs & Private groups The Secret Circus 
9816 Noble
North Hills, CA (15 miles from LA)
Ray Pierce
(323) 465-3997


This is a circus club offering Low Flying Trapeze (Outdoor Rig),
Single/Double Trapeze, Aerial Cradle, Lyra, Spanish Web, Tissue and Low wire.
We fly 6 days a week and welcome all new and experienced flyers in a friendly place to practice existing skills and develop new ones. Please call for information.
. . Upward Bound Trapeze Group         
Sonoma Ca.
Sam Keen


High Flying Trapeze (Outdoor Rig
   Single Trapeze
   Double Trapeze
   Spanish Web
   Trampoline,    Juggling
. . 49'R Flying Trapeze
Placerville, CA
Christy Power
High Flying Trapeze in the Mother Lode of the Sierras, 30 minutes from Sacramento. This is an outdoor rig for friends / club. Sunday classes, by invitation. 
We welcome all flying enthusiasts -- space available -- beginner to advanced. Available catchers please contact me.

. Schools Richie Gaona Trapeze School  
5702 Lubao Ave
Woodland Hills, CA. 91367   ( 20mi from LA)
Richie Gaona  
School & Club        (Trapeze School for Circus of the Stars)
Open to public, for adults & kids
    High Flying Trapeze  (Outdoor Rig)     Single & Double Trapeze, 
    Bungee Trapeze     Spanish Web, Juggling,   Acrobatics, 
    Trampoline,  Low Wire Walking,     Russian Swing



Trapeze Pro      
contact # (510) Help Fly  [435-7359]
Marek Kaszuba


Flying Trapeze, single, double trapeze etc.
. . Trapeze Arts in Sonoma 
Stefan Gaudreau 
(415) 337-1900. 
NEW indoor Facility at:
1822 9th St.
Oakland, CA. 94607


School Offering:
   High Flying Trapeze (indoor &Outdoor Rig
   Single Trapeze
   Double Trapeze
   Spanish Web
   Trampoline,    Juggling


. . Trapeze High
Escondido, Ca  (Near San Diego )
760-740-2454 office/home
619-318-0833 - cell
David Ayers,
Lindsay Van Voorhis 

We continue to primarily teach flying trapeze, but have tissue, single and double trap, and low wire class availability.

. . Dream Circus Aerial Arts School
@ Qtopia 6021 Hollywood blvd.
flying@dreamcircus .com
Dream Circus
offers a full indoor aerial arts training and performance facility right in the center of Hollywood.Our training centers around the Flying Trapeze with other skills such as Static Trapeze, Aerial Tissu, Teeterboard, Contortion/Acrobatics, Spanish Web, and Aerial Hoop rounding out our indoor programs.
. . San Francisco School of circus arts 
755 Frederick Street  
San Francisco, CA 94117  
(415) 759-8123 


. . Acrosports, 
639 Frederick Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
Tel: (415) 665-2276
Fax: 415-566-0102


A circus camp for kids next door to San Fransisco school of circus arts.
Mon-Fri 9:00am- 6:00pm
Sat-Sun 10:00am- 6:00pm
. . Tahoe City
Seamus Gallagher
Carmelian Bay
PO Box 113
Tahoe City,  Ca. 96140


Open in summers only
. . Tioga Flying Trapeze
PO Box 253
Lee Vining, Ca. 93541
Entrance to Yosemite at Tioga pass
Open: Memorial Day to Oct 1.
summer:760-934-6334, winter:760-647-1088 ,
Dennis & Jane Domaille


We have a beautiful site overlooking Mono Lake, and 12 miles from the entrance to Yosemite. We  have room for campers on our site, or there are many beautiful sites 3 miles away.
For Information, please contact


Coming In Spring 2002: 
. . Fern Street Circus
PO Box 621004
San Diego , Ca.
John Highkin, Bonnie Dillingham
They are a community group (not for profit), and seem geared towards teaching local children. They teach single & doubles static trap, Spanish web, trampoline & mini tramp, tight-rope, acrobatics etc.
Flying trapeze
. . Marek Kaszuba,
Offers trapeze classes in Sonoma as well as other areas in the Bay area.
(510) Help Fly [435 7359]
(978) 285 8954 fax
. . Crunch Gyms
 8000 Sunset Blvd LA


Single trapeze
    The Aerial Classroom. 
The main location is in Huntington Beach, CA, but classes are also offered in Woodland Hills, and in Culver City.
Contact: Jessica Lindsay 

offers training in aerial tissu, hoop, trapeze, and spanish web. 
. . Blog: Flying Trapeze Training Experience.




. Resorts & Camps CAMP WINNARAINBOW  
adult/kids summer camp w/trapeze  
Laytonville, CA  


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CO Clubs  & Private groups Imperial Flyers of Denver Trapeze Flyers 
7600 Stuart  
Westminster, Co. 
Paula  303-426-7455

This is one of the oldest trapeze groups in the world. The group has been in existence since 1918.  Most of the trapeze schools in the United States and Canada can trace their history back to this group.

  We  welcome beginners and will assist  beginner on their learning experience.


    Flying Trapeze  ( outdoor Rig )
    Spanish Web

Aerial Fabric Acrobatics

Lynn Coleman
Executive Director
Aerial Fabric Acrobatics, LLC
303-263-0278 Cell
8630 Montview Blvd
Denver, CO 80220

class locations:
Dardano's School of Gymnastics
2250 Kearney St
Denver, CO 80207


Founded in 2002 in Denver, Colorado. We sell the equipment you need to do Aerial Dance. We offer Aerial Silks, Hardware for Aerial Silks, Aerial Hammocks, Yoga Hammocks, Aerial Silks Portable Stands for use with Yoga Hammock, Static and Bungee Trapeze, Lyra, and Aerial Silks.

We offer Aerial Classes on silks, aerial hammock, aerial hoop, bungee trapeze, static trapeze, and Aerial Fitness at Dardano's School of Gymnastics.

We perform weekly aerial acrobatics shows at The Church Seven Candles and offer Aerial Dance performances every month at 910 Art Gallery for First Friday Art Walk. We have talented performers available for all types of events, providing exciting entertainment.

In addition to the classes offered in Denver, we specialize in designing workshops for out of town groups.

Student shows are offered four times a year. Our students have also performed at the art gallery, or have been accepted to circuses, or circus schools such as NICA in Australia.Cirque du Soleil, has inspired many who want to learn and perform the art of Aerial Dancing on fabric, which is sometimes called Tissu, aerial silks, aerial scarves, and even aerial curtains.



Aerial Dance Over Denver


An Aerial Dance school for all levels.  Fabric, Hoop, Trapeze, Spanish Web, Bungee, etc.  Come Try It, Come Fly It!


. Aerial Dance Frequent Flyer Productions  
Nancy Smith, Artistic & Managing Director
Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 1979
Boulder, CO 80306
Aerial Dance and Circus Aerials
. .Aerial Dance Aircat Aerial Arts
Cathy Gauch , director
at the Boulder Circus Center, 4747 N 26th St Boulder, CO 80301 USA


Performing and coaching in Aerial tissue and Hoop, Spanish web, single trapeze, bungee trapeze, low flying trapeze and more.
. .Aerial Dance Imagination Circus Arts and Entertainment
Phone: 303-548-9340
Offer instruction in aerial arts focusing on performance and Technique.
Spanish Web, Tissue, Single, Double and Triple trapeze, Swinging Trapeze, Cloudswing, Lyra, Bungees for kids, Adagio/Quartet, Character Training, Dance Technique
Future: Circus Bike and Teeterboard
Aerial Dance Miraas Aerial Dance Studio
720-837-AERL (2375)
2622 S. Zuni St.
Englewood, Co.

Dance with your feet off the ground!
Learn the beautiful acrobatic circus arts of aerial silk (also known as fabric or tissu), lyra (hoop) and static trapeze, just like in Cirque du Soleil. No gymnastic, acrobatic, or dance experience is necessary — a simple curiosity or desire to fly through the air is all you need.

Beat the usual boring workouts with a fun alternative exercise; try something new and exciting, have fun, and increase your strength, flexibility, and overall fitness—all at the same time!

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CT Schools Club Getaway  
summer resort  
Kent, CT. 
1-800-6 Getaway


Club Getaway, just voted as one of the World's Hottest Getaways for Singles, by the Travel Channel offers trapeze classes every weekend from June15th thought till Oct. Located on 300 acres in the Berkshire mountains of Kent, CT.
Summer camp & trapeze school
High Flying Trapeze, outdoors
open to adults,  
Advanced Trapeze lessons are 2 hours every weekend and lead by highly qualified trapeze artists.  Call today limited space available in the weekend classes. 
1 800 6 GETAWAY
Times for classes -
Saturday's 3p.m. through 5p.m.
Sunday's 3p.m. through 5p.m.
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FL. Clubs Juan (coach) & Lynn Cammarotti
Port St. Lucie.  ( close to Club Med Sandpiper)
(772) 579-0443
Private rig.
Friends flying for fun.
Interested in finding more local people to fly with.
. Schools Florida.State.University                                
Tully Gym  
Tallahassee FL.32306  
(904) 644-4874  


Offering:   All aspects of circus & trapeze
    Aerial Trapeze Academy
13087  40th St. N

Royal Palm Beach, FL.

Matthew Altbuch, President / Instructor / Performer
or call us at (561)-345-3217
Trapeze, aerial, circus skills.
    S-Connection Aerial Arts
    Two Hawk Hammock,
    17950 NE 53rd ln,
    Williston, FL 32696

Corey Souza
S-Connection, LLC


Flying Trapeze
we also have a full operating aerial school
for silks, static trap, lyra, pole, dance, acro, etc.
at our Gainesville location.
. . Trapeze Experience
Boca Raton
Tel: 1-877-759-0044
Peter Gold

We are a full service flying trapeze company!
Our training facility is open and available to all levels, including aspiring professionals.   We teach flying trapeze lessons and intensive workshops.  Other services include; Flying Trapeze and Circus Arts Consulting, Mobile Special Events, Summer Camp Programs, Flying Trapeze Rigging Services, and Custom Flying Trapeze Equipment, and More..


Trapeze Federation, Orlando Trapeze
7032 South Kirkman Road
Orlando, FL 32819


Flying TrapezeThe school is open to the public, ages 3 years and older.
Wednesday & Thursday: 4:15PM
Friday: 2PM & 4:15PM
Saturday and Sunday: 10AM, 1:30PM, and 4PM



South Florida Circus Art School 
15381 NE 21st Ave. 
N. Miami Beach, FL 33162
Laurie Allen



Professional Performing Children Troupe, The Circue de Ole.
Static Trapeze, Double Trapeze, Trampoline, Spanish Web, Spinning Ring,
German Wheel, Hip Hop Clown Routines, Devil Sticks, Juggling, Contortion.



The Flying Trapeze School
is now located in
Downtown Miami in Bayfront Park. 


. . Tito Gaona Flying trapeze Academy
432 Spadaro Dr. Venice, Fl. 34285.
941-412-9305 - voice & fax  @ Venice Sorts Arena
941-488-2496 - home
Resort town, arena is  1 mile from beach on gulf of Mexico, 
Between Ft meyers, Boca Raton, & Sarasota


Flying trapeze, Trampoline, Low wire
Low Beginner rig for learning technique.
High rig for advanced flyers
. . KidzSole Inc.
Flying trapeze Classes
Ft.Lauderdale , Fl
Ronald J. Pascoe (K.Pee)
Project Director USA/Asia

Mobile iLife: (+66) 08.4837.5726
USA Cell/Voice Mail (008) 1954.330.7320 or


We offer Single, Swinging, double, Web and trapeze classes. And now offer the MINI RIG, a low flying, safe un intimidating flying trapeze for 4 yrs old and up.


. . Rainbow Tiger Circus, RTC Productions, LLC
Near Gainesville, Florida
at Sun CountrySports Center.
Lynn  Polke
Call gym at 352-262-9432  for more information. 
We are just off I-75


I teach web, single trap, moon, cradle, clowning, and
acrobatics. We have an after school program, summer camp, regular classes, privates and adult classes. I am a former aerialist/dancer/hula hoop/animal trainer credits including: Make-a-Circus, Ringling, Big Apple, Club Med, LA Circus, etc. Come and play with us.
. . Atom Scott Productions
428 Brickell St.
Palm Bay, Fl.  32909  (near Disney World)


. . Indian River County  
1725 17th Avenue  
Vero Beach FL 32960  
School @ City Rec. department 


Flying Trapeze
Spanish Web
Cloud Swing
. . National Circus School for Performing Arts
Sarasota, Florida    (' The Circus Capital of the World '
P.O.Box 18636
Sarasota, FL 34276
Pedro Reis and Dolly Jacobs


. . Circus of the Kids
9042 Shoal Creek Dr
Tallahassee, FL 32312
(917) 847-4981 / (850) 386-2685 (Mailbox)
Bruce Pfeffer
Available to Schools (primary & secondary)   
Traveling rig available for resorts & camps

Sunshine Circus Arts. 
|4545 nw 2nd ave,
Boca Raton.


We have an aerial rig.
We have single, double trapeze, silks, rope, slack rope, juggling, rolla, acro for kids and adults. website is
. Aerial


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GA School  


    The Circus Arts Institute...
Circus Arts Institute, LLC
206 Rogers Street N.E.,
Suite 214
Atlanta, GA 30317
CEO: Carrie Heller

Circus Arts Institute offers Circus Arts Fitness , a one-of-a-kind program that will properl you toward a healthier body and a sharper mind.  The Institute also offers Circus Art Therapy, a unique experiental Therapy by Carrie Heller, LCSW, and Corporate Teambuilding. Carrie Heller is the author of the Aerial Circus Training and Safety Manual and she is available for trainings and workshops.


  Aerial Dance Canopy Studio

160 Tracy St. Suite #6
Athens, GA 30601
Melissa Roberts - Director,


Canopy Studio is a trapeze, movement arts and performance center
offering classes in Low-to-the-Floor Flying Dance Trapeze, Modern Dance, Belly Dance, Afro-Haitian dance, Improvisation and Pilates.
  Aerial Dance

The D.A.I.R. Project
575 Boulevard SE
Atlanta, GA 30312
Contact: Nicole Mermans


D.A.I.R. is an aerial dance, movement and performance arts center in the heart of Atlanta, GA offering classes in aerial dance and fitness (using static trapezes, dance trapeze and aerial fabrics) to adults and a free after school program for teens.






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HI   Emerald City Trapeze.
111 Ulupono Street

Lahaina, Hawaii 96761
Flying Trapeze, Aerial,
Emerald City Trapeze Arts, Maui is located at the north end of Lahaina, just east of Lahaina Cannery Mall and adjacent to Star Noodle.  Street parking is available.
  . Hiccup Circus 
Hawaiian Islands -
in the schools as an educational youth program. 

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IL. Schools Gamma Phi Circus of
Illinois State University Trapeze Act 
Normal, IL 61790-2200
Wayne & Carol Wright 
(309) 438-2690 or 438-8661


  Students, faculty and staff. Summer camps for general population.Single & double trapeze, teeter board, adagio, revolving ladder, hair hang, web, unicycle, clowning,Gym Wheel, Russian bar, perch pole,  cloud swing, hand to hand, juggling, trampoline, acrobatics



TSNY in Chicago is located at
Belmont Harbor
N. Lake Shore Dr. at W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
Phone: 773-484-8861


Flying Trapeze and aerials
We'll be open every day until Nov.1.
. . The Flying Gaonas Gym
5917 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 60660
(312) 742-8259
Gloria and Julio Gaona 
Flying trapeze classes are offered year-round, indoors, every day except Monday, for beginners to advanced. Trampoline, gymnastics, hand & head balancing, spanish web, silks, tight wire, juggling and other circus arts are also taught.


. . School of the Actors Gymnasium  
Evanston, Il.  
Julia Wolf

. Circus Jenzac School of Flying Trapeze
310 Center St., Box 159
Anchor, IL 61720
(309)723-6435 cell- (602)524-0696
" German Wheel " Gymnastics. or (309)723-6435
Many links to German Wheel related info.
Flying Ttapeze classes offered March - October in Bloomington IL. Available for camps, resorts, fairs, parties, and corporate functions or team building. Training in most circus skills available,
Equipment manufacturer:
Anchor Circus Supply
Trapeze Rigs, Spanish Webs, Cloud Swings, German Wheels, Incline Motorcycles, and custom circus equipment of all kinds.
. Aerial Dance AMEBA Acrobatic & Aerial Dance
Chloe Jensen
Chicago, Illinois 60618
Our website is:



. . Acrofabulous Circus
James Schubert

The Acrofabulous Circus is based in Chicago, and we go to client locations to teach and/or perform circus arts. We teach trapeze, juggling, acrobatics, diabolo, lyra, poi, cigar boxes, physical comedy, aerial fabric, rolling globe, stilt walking, unicycle, clowning, plate spinning and more.

 Acrofabulous fabricates and sells all types of trapezes, lyras, stationary cradles, cloud-swings, and custom equipment. We also carry juggling equipment, diabolos, poi sets, spinning plates and other circus related equipment and props.
For Eqpt:
. Aerial Dance The Aloft Loft

2041 W Carroll #306,
773 782 6662


Aloft Aerial Dance,  features adjustable and quick rigging points, static rigging points, two vertical dance walls (one for bouldering and one for harness/ rappelling work), ground work space and a circus/aerial library and resource center. The mission of the Aloft Loft is to provide a supportive and vibrant community space to all those seeking to enrich their lives through aerial dance and circus training, and to provide a home away from home for traveling performers passing though town. We pride ourselves on maintaining an open and welcoming environment to aerial enthusiasts of all levels.
With over 15 years of teaching experience in the physical arts, Artistic Director Shayna Swanson leads classes in trapeze, aerial dance technique, silks, rope, lyra/aerial hoop, partnering, stilt dancing and more. Other classes, soon to be offered, include harness work, yoga, Lacoc technique and more. Beginners to professionals will feel challenged in our fun and structured technique and skill based classes. Private lessons are offered in almost all aerial disciplines as well as tumbling, acrobatics, Chinese Poles and more. A monthly membership allows approved aerialists, dancers and acrobats to practice in the space on a 24/7 basis and a class discount, Practice time is also available hourly. Additionally we are seeking unique class ideas from experienced teachers, so we encourage all to bring forth their ideas.Come check out our classes, refer your friends and support aerial arts as we gain steam in the Midwest.  Members of the press are welcome to come and take a free class at any time. Please email to RSVP your spot!





Info, Video
Add'l links
Flying Trapeze Chicago
Info for the flying community in Chicago area,
It provides local Chicago area flying trapeze and circus arts program information and has an excellent collection of flying trapeze videos.


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IN. Clubs High Flyers Trapeze Club  
1009 S. High Street  
Bloomington, IN 

. . Bloomington Circus
612 N. Summit
Bloomington, IN 47404
Phone: (812) 339-0929


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LA .

New Orleans School of Circus Arts
Tel: 504.949.6593
Classes are held at:
Lee Circle YMCA
920 St. Charles Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70130


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MA . Tito Gaona's Flying Fantasy Circus Inc.
265 Beaver Street, Waltham, MA (outdoor site)
552 Main Street, Watertown, MA (indoor site)

Mailing Address:
401 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA   02215
Contact: Tito Gaona and Judy Barstow


children and adults
Spring and summer programs near Boston, MA
April 3 - late October, Flying Trapeze Classes and Circus Arts Workshops for children

April 23 - late October Flying Trapeze Classes for adults

Our program activities include: Flying Trapeze (a double rig), Trampoline, Low Wire, Clowning, Juggling, Low Trapeze and Balance

Semi-Private Classes available.
We offer specialized programs for groups, Girl Scout Troops, Boy/Cub Scout groups, schools, parties and corporate team building

Reading Massachusetts
781- 942-7800


Flying Trapeze and Circus Aerials

    Simply Circus
Steven Santos
Director, Simply Circus, Inc.
Email:  Mail: 14 Pierrepont Road       Newton, MA 02462
 Phone: 617-527-0667

Simply Circus has 3600 sqft of dedicated circus space just outside of Boston.  8 aerial spaces, including a dedicated static trapeze station, a dedicated web station and 6 single pulley points. 

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MD . Timber Ridge Camps
White Mountain & Greenbriar
Winter headquarters: Baltimore MD 


Aerial Theatre Productions
@ the Load Of Fun Studios
120 North Street, Baltimore, MD.  21209
Artistic Director: Mara Neimanis
410 728 0646


AirDance Bernasconi
Artistic Director, Air Dance Bernasconi  
classes in low-flying trapeze and aerial dance
RAINBOW_BAR.GIF (2737 bytes)
ME Camp Camp Medolark
82 Medolark Rd. • Washington, ME 04574
Toll Free: 800-292-7757 • Phone: 207-845-2555 • Fax: 207-845-2332

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MI Aerial Dance Aerial 4 Me, LLC
Contact: Jackie Joy
Grand Rapids, Michigan (MI)

Aerial 4 Me offers fun fitness classes in aerial acrobatic fitness, aerial dance and other non traditional fitness classes. Our mission is to bring the art and joy of Aerial Arts to all who want to discover an exciting and challenging method of fitness.
  Camp Camp Tanuga
6874 Camp Tanuga Rd,
Kalkaska, MI 49646 (Summer)
PO Box 2197, Birmingham, MI 48012 (Winter)
Phone (248) 258-9150 (Winter)
Phone (231) 258-9150  (Summer)

A children's summer camp located in Northern Michigan. We offer children ages 6-15 a traditional summer camp experience with instruction in: FLYING TRAPEZE, arts and crafts,  all land sports, tennis,  full waterfront of activities, Rollerblade Hockey, Mt. Biking, Climbing Wall,horseback riding + much more. We offer two three week sessions. 

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MN Trapeze Twin Cities Trapeze
Jake and Katie Kimball 
tel:     651-262-9477
  School The Circus Juventas
PO Box 16204
St. Paul, MN 55116
A performing arts youth circus based in St. Paul, Minnesota. They offer training and performances of authentic circus arts for ages 3 to 21 in a controlled and non-competitive environment. Encouraging and developing individual strengths and abilities, the professional staff at Circus Juventas gives every child the opportunity to be in the Spotlight!
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MO School

Circus Harmony Flying Trapeze Center
 in St. Louis Missouri.

Located at City Museum
Managed by Matt Viverito
The mailing address is
4120 Parker Rd.
Florissant, MO 63033

Jessica Hentoff
Artistic/Executive Director
Circus Harmony/ Circus Day Foundation
Office: phone & Fax  314-436-7676
Cell: 314-226-3633


While the Circus Harmony Flying Trapeze Center is a recreational rig, Circus Harmony is a social circus program. Please visit our main website at before applying.  Outdoor flying rig.

We use the teaching and performing of circus arts to promote social change. We help people defy gravity, soar with confidence and leap over social barriers, all at the same time. Recreational and pre-professional classes for ages 5 – 95.  Private lessons and workshops available. Classes at City Museum or to come to you. Harmony Through Handsprings! Joy Through Juggling! Peace Through Pyramids!


Thieves of Flight Aerial Ensemble

Contact: /
(816) 668-6292

1331 Union Avenue,
Kansas City, MO 64101


teaching aerial silks in Kansas City

Circus Day Foundation
    3340 Oxford Ave.
    St. Louis, MO. 63143
 classes held at:
    City Museum
    701 N. 15th St. 3rd Fl.
    St. Louis, MO. 63103
Jessica Hentoff
Artistic/Executive Director

Please support our social circus work. Go to to see how to:
-Help us get to Israel for the residency with Circus Galilee, the Jewish/Arab youth circus!
-Sponsor a student.
-Purchase our new Circus Teaches the Art of Life books
  or one of our Art of Life greeting cards.
-Hire some of our talented youth circus performers.
-Sign up for circus camp or classes.

Harmony Through Handsprings! Joy Through Juggling! Peace Through Pyramids!



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MS School Phoenix Flyers
Millsaps College
Morgan Gadd
Assistant Professor of Theatre
. We call ourselves the Phoenix Flyers because we have to rise again from the ashes each time a theatre set prevents us from flying during the run of a production on stage. When it is struck, we can fly again until another set "gets in the way".
We have an avid group of about a dozen flyers. We use a single bar with a standard high take-off. Spotting is by ropes and harness and we use flying dismounts to gymnastics mats on the floor of the stage. We work on numerous tricks and build them into routines (some set to music) including: candle/arrow/one-leg drop high and low basket, high and low star various front supports (inside and outside) high and low back throw, high and low front know back knife, front knife returns to bridge, various other engagements using feet only while in flight, various flying Trapeze dismounts to an upright finish


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NC School

Dare to Fly Trapeze
456 Broadway
Asheville, NC 28801


Full size, outdoor flying rig, open to the public 
All levels welcome. Guest instructors welcome.


Asheville Aerial Arts
828-301-5615 Phone

various circus arts.
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NH .Trapeze Aerial Trapeze Academy
117 Riverside Dr. Asheville, NC 28801
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NJ Camps Country Roads Day Camp
139 Pinebrook Road
Manalapan, NJ 07726
Tel: 732-446-4100
FAX: 732-446-3207

Joan & Ed Klein


Flying Trapeze for kids.
RAINBOW_BAR.GIF (2737 bytes)
NM Aerial Dance AirDance New Mexico
RAINBOW_BAR.GIF (2737 bytes)
NV Schools Trapeze Experience
3225 McLeaod Dr. Ste-100
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Tel: 1-877-759-0044
Fax: 702.871.8427
Peter Gold


Full service flying trapeze company
Our private facility is open and available by reservation only -- no drop-ins, please.  Currently, we offer Intensive Flying Trapeze Workshops, focusing on Technical Mastery . In addition, we are offering Flying Trapeze Transformative Seminars  where flying trapeze is used as a tool to assist in people consciously participating in their own evolving.
Other services include; Flying Trapeze and Circus Arts Consulting, Mobile Special Events -- including Corporate Events, Professional Rigging Services, and Custom Flying Trapeze Equipment, and more --- see website or contact me at 
. . Starz Gymnastics
Reno NV  
Laura Rappa
Teaching:  Spanish web, static, swinging, double and triple trapeze.
Also Casting rig of 
Tony Steele  


. . Tahoe Extreme Sports  Camp
Tahoe City CA.

Trapeze available in summer only



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NY Schools   .
. .

Trapeze School New York
518 W. 30th Street
New York, NY 10001
      (Indoor rig - operates year-round)
Pier 40
West Side Highway at Houston Street - Top Deck
      (Outdoor rig - operates May - October)
New York City
Jonathon Conant, Director
(212) 242-TSNY

Flying Trapeze (outdoor rig)
Static Trapeze
Ropes, Silks
 Open Spring through Fall

. .

I.FLY, Flying Trapeze For Everyone!
@ The Center for Science Teaching & Learning
1 Tanglewood Rd.
Rockville Centre, 11570

(516) 640-6995
Contact: Marco & Anthony Rosamilia
Program Directors



Season: April to November
Open to the public Tuesday - Sunday. Classes for first-timers through advanced flyers. Adults, teens & children as young as 4. No prior experience necessary. Our location has a full outdoor flying trapeze rig, an aerial training space, visitor and flyer restrooms and changing facilities. We even have picnic tables for you to bring lunch, friends, and spend some time in the sun. Groups, birthday parties, team building workshops, troops, and field trips are all welcome. Private aerial instruction, juggling and clowning are all available year-around.

Contact I.FLY for questions, information, and booking. (516) 640-6995,

. . Trapeze Club (
at Stone Mountain Farm
475 River Rd. Ext.
New Paltz NY. 12561 
Owner/Director: Carisa Borrello
Head Instructor: James Gibson "J Bird"
.Season: May to September
Open to everyone: Flying Trapeze Classes for experienced & beginners;  adults, teens & children
Our outdoor trapeze rig is set in the middle of an idyllic meadow at the base of the world renown Shawangunks in New Paltz, New York.  1 1/2 hrs north of NYC and 1hr south of Albany. We are 15min off the NY State thruway. No experience or physical skill is necessary.  All you need is a willing spirit & the openness to try something new & exhilarating. Come fly with us
. . Espana Streb Trapeze Academy
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, 11211 telephone: 718-384-6491
fax: 718-384-6490

Robert Hedglin - School director and instructor:
Kim Cullen - General Manager:


Classes for beginners and experienced flyers, for kids ages 4 through 84. So if you're a thrill seeker or if you just want to overcome your fear of heights, Flying Trapeze is for you!
All participants are evaluated individually, and are taught at their own pace by our trained instructors. For more experienced flyers, We allow you to work more intensively on specific tricks – to master the ones you know, and learn the ones you dream of doing. Our team of instructors can help you achieve your individual goals by giving you tips and techniques to improve your form and personal style.

Safety is our number one priority. Everyone wears a safety harness attached to safety lines and flies over a huge foam mat. Our instructors demonstrate and guide each student through the different techniques that allow you to fly on the trapeze. As you progress, you will learn new tricks. One instructor will help you on the platform, and another will hold your safety lines from the ground. When you are ready, we will introduce you to a third instructor who will catch you mid-air!


. Camps French Woods Festival of Performing Arts
PO BOX 609
Hancock,  NY 13783       (summer address)

(Winter Address)
PO Box 7700100
Coral Springs FL.330077 


A children's summer camp located in the western catskill mountains of New York state. We offer children ages 7-17 the following specialty programs theater, music, dance, circus, art, sports, tennis, waterfront, and horseback riding. We offer three three week sessions. 
Trapeze photo at
About 2 1/2 hours from the George Washington bridge


. . Camp Chipinaw,   
85 Silver Lake Road
Swan Lake, NY 12783
Phone 954-227-7700

Contact name - Michael Baer
e-mail addr. -
Web page addr. -

Childrens Sumer  Summer camp
Offerings  relating to aerials. - full size flying trapeze, triple trapeze and other circus acts
. . Long Lake Camp for the Arts
Marc and Susan Katz
Kickerville Rd - Stonegate
Long Lake, NY 12847
(800) 767-7111
(914) 693-7111


Winter Address:
33 Western Drive
Ardsley, NY 10502
. Gyms Crunch Gyms
623 Broadway @ Houston 
Brooklyn, Williamsburg area.  
Sarah East Johnson
Single trapeze
. . Chelsea Piers Single Trapeze
. Aerial Dance Fly By Night Dance Theater


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OH . Cincinnati Circus Company
Amazing Portable Circus Cincinnati, Ohio.
Dave Willacker
513 921-5454 cincinnati
937 438-9400 dayton
513 921-2095 faxDave Willacker
 We are an entertainment company who offers circus classes, a circus camp, Aerial Dance lessons, and starting June 1, 2010 we are opening a Flying Trapeze School.
Inside and Outside flying rigs.
we offer aerial fitness classes, circus workshops and a circus summer camp for kids
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OK School Trapeze University
RiverWalk Crossing in Jenks, Ok
(a suburb of Tulsa)
Phone: 918-381-TRAP (8727)
Michele Cole
Aaron Morse
Our students start at age 4 and students can fly for $5.00 a swing.  We are open Thursday and Friday evenings at 6:00 and Saturday and Sunday evenings at 5:00


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OR Aerial Dance Aero/Betty Aerial Dance Theater  
Mike Barber  
3604 NE 64th  
Portland, OR 97213


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PA Camps Camp Lohikan  
Wallerville Rd.
Lake Como  , PA   18437
908-470-9317  :  1-800-488-4321  
Buynak Family 


Kids Summer Camp  ages 6 to 15
Flying Trapeze
Spanish Web
5900 Greene Street (enter on Rittenhouse St). 
215 849 1991.


We are one of four schools in the US that offer a fully developed circus arts curriculum.  Currently 17 teachers are on staff, leading classes at all levels in trapeze, silks, ropes, hoops, juggling, unicycle, equilibristics and more.  From 18 months through 66 year olds.  Plus summer camp (7 – 15 yr olds), leadership events, team-building, parties and more.  Our performance troupe works major public events throughout the region, indoors and out.
. . Air Play
101 W. Harvey St.
Philadelphia, Pa. 19144
Classes for teens and adults, year-round.
Static trapeze
Corde lisse
Spanish Web
. . Lake Greeley  
kids summer camp with trapeze  
Lake Road  
Lake Greeley,  PA  
Buynak Family 
. . Island Lake  
kids summer camp with trapeze 
Island Lake Road  
Starrucca, PA 18462       ( 150 mi from NYC )
Stoltz Family  


School, Open to Public
Kids only 7-17
   Indoor & outdoor Flying Trapeze
   Single & Double Trapeze
   Spanish Web,  Cloud Swing
   Juggling, Balancing, Clowning
. . Camp Cayuga  
Pocono Mountains
Pocono Mountains
321 Niles Pond Rd
Honesdale, PA 18431

Buynak Family 

Coed Summer Residential Camp for children
High flying trapeze, double trapeze, single trapeze, trapeze shows, trapeze competitions, spanish web, cradle, diabolo, plate spinning, magic tricks, tumbling, devil sticks, juggling and a Circus Clinic (tightwire, stilt walking, unicycling, acrobatics, clowning, the rolling globe).
. . Independent Lake Camp Circus
PO Box 38      Orson, PA 18449   (Summer)
Dan Gould. - Director
The circus director is Jackie Tan
PO Box 26792,  Elkins Park, PA 19027   (Winter)
215-782-8502 & 8404 or 1-800-399-CAMP
. . Camp Lindenmere

Hernyville, PA    ( near tannersville. )
Luke Harvey and Steve Nevison.
Summer Address:
  RR1 Box 160A
  Henryville, PA 18332
  570-629-0240    208-723-3288 (Fax)
Winter Address:
  12773 W. Forest Hill Blvd Suite 1216
  Wellington, FL 33414
  888-220-4773 or   561-791-8988 (if in Florida)
. . International Gymnastic School-Camp Inc
RR 8, Stroudsburg, PA 18360
(717) 629-0244


web site coming in may?
    Philadelphia School of Circus Arts

5900A Greene Street,
Philadelphia, PA  19144

full schedule of classes for adults & kids


. Aerial Dance Trapezius  
Aerial dance  
Louise Gillette, Director  
P.O. Box 17084  
Philadelphia, PA 19105


This is NOT a school. They do not offer classes.
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SC School

Art in Motion presents Flying Trapeze
, SC

Louis Schneidman and Angela Howard,
Managers of Art in Motion



Flying Trapeze
Free Juggling Club
Circus Arts


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Trapeze CLub Hidden Hills Trapeze
Boerne (San Antonio suburb) Texas
Wayne and Lisa Labat

We are a club, modeled after the Imperial Fliers, but we do offer occasional open houses and always welcome visiting fliers from out of town. We also host parties and private/group classes. 

  School TRAPEZE-Austin
Our address is 9501 Manchaca, Austin, TX, 78748
We are located at Soccerzone, at the North East corner of Manchaca and Slaughter (access from Manchaca, behind O'Reilly's and Auto Zone)

Austin Tx.
Russell Codona Torretto, owner Trapeze Austin
(512) 507-7920
Flying Trapeze, circus aerials.
Experience the extraordinary physical exhilaration of flying on the trapeze. Trapeze Austin offers 2 hour classes that will teach you the basics of the art of the flying trapeze.

During the beginner-friendly lessons, students get a ground-lesson and then spend most of the class flying through the air. There’s even an opportunity to be caught in mid-air in the first class. Trapeze is a “mountain with no top” so each time you come out, we’ll assist you with taking it to the next level by learning new tricks and developing fundamental skills. All experience levels welcome, ages 6 and up (250lb weight limit).


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VA Schools    
RAINBOW_BAR.GIF (2737 bytes)
VT Trapeze
Center for Circus Arts
Elsie Smith & Serenity Smith Forchion
76 Cotton Mill Hill, #300
Brattleboro, VT 05301
Telephone: (802) 254-9780
Fax: (802) 246-3003
The New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) offers people of all ages and abilities a unique opportunity to experience the magical & captivating world of circus arts. Here, in a welcoming, safe environment, recreational and professional students alike can explore the charms and challenges of circus arts and gain a solid foundation of techniques and skills across a broad spectrum of traditional circus forms as well as 'new circus,' aerial dance and physical theater.

Flying Trapeze, Aerials, etc.


  Resorts & Camps Circus Smirkus Summer Camp,
1 Circus Rd., Greensboro, Vt.
(802) 533-7125.  .
White Mountains of New Hampshire.
A co-ed circus camp for ages 8-16 for beginner camp and 13-17 for advanced camp. Beginners sessions are July 5-11, July 12-25 and July 26-Aug.No prior skills required. A fun introduction to juggling, acrobatics, low-wire walking, clowning, trapeze, as well as recreation. A show ends each session.
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WA Schools SANCA
School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts

 674 south Orcas street
Seattle, Washington,  98108,  USA
Flying Trapeze & Circus arts.
we teach both flying trapeze and static trapeze (and rope and tissue) for youth and adults.
    Cascade Youth Circus 
23150 -224 th Place SE,  
POBox 857 
Maple Valley, WA. 98038 
425-432-9999,    fax:425-432-5269
Debbie Johnson
A non-profit community youth circus arts school.  We offer
>classes for kids 6 yrs to 19 yrs from beginning level through advanced
  Aerial Dance Wenatchee Youth Circus 
Wenatchee WA. 
 (509) 662-0722
spanish web, wire walking, juggling, acrobatics and clowns
    Versatile Arts
7601 Greenwood Ave N. 
Seattle, Wa. 

Beverly Sobelman


1300 sq ft facility with 27ft high rigging.
corde lisse (aerial rope), tissu, and single and double trapeze.  Aerial hoop will be added in the near future.
    Emerald City Trapeze
Seattle's Home For Aerial Arts
2702 6th Ave South Seattle, Washington 98134
Gary Kirkland
flying trapeze and circus aerials.
         We are an annual four-week intensive course in creating and performing physical theatre, designed for performers of dance, theatre, clowning, mime, and movement.
Michael Andrews at 805-565-9135.
Timber Ridge Camps: White Mountain & Camp Greenbriar
Winter-Baltimore MD,  410-484-2233
Summer-High View West Virginia   304-856-2630

Kids sleep away camp,
instruction in Flying trapeze, single trapeze, double trapeze, Spanish web, trampoline, mini trampoline, juggling, various clown acts


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