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Portable, Free standing for Practice/Performance
Aerial Performers, this might be your solution to places where you can't  use tie down guy wires.

Aerial Equipment and Rigging techinques.
I highly suggest that anyone into aerials or considering purchasing rigging go to the
following web page about rigging best practices. Learn about rigging before you do it.


        Great for Single, double trapeze, web, fabric, etc. 

              (non swinging activities   ,    modification swinging also available.

Only $1450
    18' high, Adjustable from 11 ft. to 13 ft.' wide.
 Does not require floor mounting plates. 
 Modified to be able to hang trapeze, web, rings from beefed up crane bar.
 Easily set up or moved. All steel. 

 Available Options:
         Sturdy Safety Belt  harness system, includes ropes, pulleys and  1 safety belt.
         'Easy set-up' option, w/cables & Leverage Towers   ( requires 2 come-alongs, not included )
         5' height extensions with 4 tie-down cables and 2 lift cable extensions
                  (highly suggest set-up option if extra height option is used, it is heavy )
 Some assembly required.
        Space requirement Footprint:
               once set up:  about 20' wide,  15' deep
               Space req. for set-up    
                                    about  20' wide  27' deep     if height ext. not used.
                                    about  20' wide  32' deep      with height ext.
                         these are approx. minimum.

              See copy of set up instruction manual.  Height extension manual

Shipped by Truck.

Aerials and the use of aerial rigging is an extremely hazardous activity.
The activity of aerial sports as trapeze, web, fabric, hoop etc. is a thrill seeking,
daredevil type of activity.
It is extremely hazardous and should be approached with this in mind.
When doing these activities you are willfully risking life & limb.
The use of, and the erection and lowering of a rig is a very dangerous activity as well.
The manufacture cannot determine how the equipment will be used or abused, mis-used.

Therefore: Damnhot, Ludwig Goppenhammer and the manufacturer takes no responsibility for safety of this equipment.
The USER (you) , knowing the  extreme nature of this endeavor,  assumes all responsibility.
If the user is not willing to assume the risks associated with this sport and activity, then perhaps the user should not engage in the sport and the use of this or any aerial equipment, and should find a more benign activity to participate in. 

NEVER, EVER tie aerial fabric to the upright legs of a free standing rig for storage  to get it out of the way  when outdoors where wind is possible.
The fabric turns into a big sail and will easily tip the rig over, possibly
on spectators or bystanders. Not funny, has actualy happened to someone
with the old heavy rig. That fabric puts out a LOT of power in the wind.

You are purchasing from A "Ludwig Aerial Rigging LLC" company
Payments made through PayPal at email addr.

Base setup   $ 1450
Harness system   $     80
'Easy Set Up'  option   $   150
 5 ft. Height extension with extra cables   $   190
Shipping Most anywhere in Continental USA   $   290
Shipping to Canada  
         ( Additional cost, You handle customs broker)
    SEE note at bottom about Europe.
  $     50
Delivery to a residential address           ( Additional cost)   $     75
Fuel Surcharge, This fluctuates from $0 to as much as $50 depending on fuel costs.
           Don't know fee till it gets billed by shipper, ( I know, this sucks )
 $ 45 approx

 These are not an off-the-shelf item.
 Manufacturing will be scheduled when payment is received.
 Fasted payment option, if rush is important, is PayPal.
 Typically, it takes about 5 to 7 weeks for delivery.  
       ( needs to be scheduled in with manufacturer's all other gymnastics eqpt. orders )       

  ludwig @
 (This is specially modified by the manufacturer from the portable spotting rigs available from gymnastics supply houses) 

 NOTE!!  This Equipment MUST be fastened down to ground and stabalized  with Guy Wires
    if height extensions are used
    if rig is used for any swinging actions such as swinging trapeze, cloud swing, Spanish web, rings etc..


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I do not wish to ship to Europe if at all possible.
I might suggest you check out the freestanding rig manufactured in France at
Unicycle & Circus arts.
Self-standing frame for trapeze
They also sell many different types of Circus  Aerials Equipment